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SNSF Sinergia 2021 – 2024
Public Outreach

Our Designer Kaj Lehmann is featured in the Swiss Design Awards 2021 Exhibition in Basel

The Swiss Design Awards 2021 exhibition organised by the Federal Office of Culture presents the 48 works nominated from among 247 entries. Our Designer, Kaj Lehmann, is presenting his typeface Synt, a research on late 19th-century modern typefaces — hot metal typefaces made for reading typography — and reimagining the genre in the context of today’s culture and technology. More information here, 20.09.2021.

Toni Hildebrandt nominated for the Bernese Award for Environmental Research 2021

Toni Hildebrandt's article Post-Apocalyptic Amazement: Aesthetics and Historical Consciousness in the Natural Contract has been nominated among 6 exceptional works for the Bernese Award for Environmental Research.

Qiao Hu, doctoral student of the SNSF Sinergia Mediating the Ecological Imperative, has been awarded a scholarship by the China Scholarship Council (CSC)

Qiao Hu has been awarded a scholarship by the China Scholarship Council (CSC) to pursue her PhD research at the University of Bern. Her research project Mapping the Smellscape of Altermodern: Olfactory Art and Multidimensional Art History will explore how olfactory art brings into play the concept of relational aesthetics in order to reflect on the smellscape in altermodern, in which viewers' positions are replaced by participants and relations. Her dissertation project is part of the subproject Formations of the Ethical Imperative: From Postmodernity to Relational Aesthetics and the Contemporary Period, 1960–2019, under the lead of Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann, 23.07.2021.

Swiss Mobiliar's Anniversary Foundation supports the SNSF Mediating the Ecological Imperative

Swiss Mobiliar's Anniversary Foundation generously supports the development and design of an interactive platform for the public outrearch of the SNSF Sinergia Mediating the Ecological Imperative in collaboration with designer Kaj Lehmann

Artist Encounters Series (2021-24)

A series of Artist Encounters (2021-24) is generously sponsored by the Stanley Thomas Johnson Foundation, 19.05.2021.

Michaela Schäuble, with and without a camera

Julia Pelta Feldman on Michaela Schäuble's project Tarantism Revisited, 10.05.2021

Mit den Environmental Humanities gegen die Umweltkrise

Uniaktuell – Das Online Magazin der Universität Bern, 10.12.2020

Das Problem ist zu gross für ein einzelnes Fach

Interview (German) with cPI Prof. Dr. Peter J. Schneemann, 26.06.2020

Wie Kultur unser Nachhaltigkeitsverständnis formt

Interview (German) with PI Prof. Dr. Gabriele Rippl (Vontobel Wealth Management Magazin «Inspiration» 2020)

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