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Author: Toni Hildebrandt

Published in Plastik 10 "Vers une esthétique des éléments" (2022), the Journal of the Ecole des arts de la Sorbonne, edited by Maud Maffei, Benjamin Fellmann and Riccardo Venturi.

Author: Toni Hildebrandt

Published as Editorial of Critique d'Art – The International Review of Contemporary Art Criticism 57 (2021), pp. 11–19.

Edited by Simon Holdermann, Christoph Lange, Michaela Schäuble and Martin Zillinger

Zeitschrift für Ethnologie / Journal of Social and Cultural Anthropology, Volume 145, 2 (2020).

Author: Toni Hildebrandt

Published in May 2021 as General Issue #0 of Technophany – A Journal for Philosophy and Technology, edited by Anders Dunker, Chien-hung Huang, Yuk Hui et al.

Edited by Torsten Meireis and Gabriele Rippl.

Published 2019 by Routledge Environmental Humanities.

Author: Peter J. Schneemann

Published in: TERMS – Proceedings of the 34th World Congress of Art History, edited by Shao Dazhen, Fan Di'an, LaoZhu (Zhu Qingsheng), Beijing 2019, pp. 1147–1152.

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